Alcanza Consultants believes all children deserve to smile and feel loved every day of the year but especially on Children’s Day.

Be part of our campaign for this special day, April 30th, on which we will be taking toys to children from the Agustina Ramírez Primary school in Culiacán. These young ones have made a huge effort in between the pandemic in staying at home and receiving an online education. They even take English classes on Saturday to ensure a better future! Our goal is to compensate their dedication and will.

Our Building Bridges Program began in October of 2019 with an alliance between Culiacan Primary schools Lázaro Cárdenas and Agustina Ramírez, and a non profit organization, Proeduca. We promote breaking international barriers and replacing them with a cross cultural exchange of empathy, values, content, challenges, ideas, materials, and methodologies. Alcanza supports language teaching in the school, teaches letter writing and facilitates the letter writing process between schools. Due to the school’s lack of teaching staff, Alcanza Consultants team members and volunteers, have been giving free English classes to the letter writing groups.

Since the pandemic started, we have transitioned to Zoom classes to support the children, and our team meets every Saturday with both schools to help them learn English and to learn about the world. We also began to invite English speaking volunteers from around the world to join in our sessions in order to build bridges between communities and provide future role models.

Alcanza has made a commitment for the last 2 years to these students, and we would like others to participate in any way they can.

To donate any amount suitable for you and make these children smile, log in here:

The money received will be used to buy new toys for them. One of our staff members will buy toys for them before April 30th.

If you have any questions about this fund raising campaign, please contact us here:

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