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We build bridges between communities and individuals through language acquisition and usage. We believe that increasing connection and communication between communities generates empathy, innovation and improvement. We strive to offer our clients the best possible classes in order for them to achieve their personal and professional goals. We develop and implement innovative and nontraditional solutions to practical and professional challenges.

Languages are a fundamental tool to connect communities, education individuals and promote empathy. The shared experiences and materials in language and its direct acquisition creates a positive growth environment. Through engagement, classes and guidance, we seek to improve our community and its members.

We wish to see communities and individuals connected across borders without socio-economic differences.

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Our success stories

Majo Caballero

Gran equipo! Le sacan provecho a todas las herramientas tecnológicas para aprender inglés 👍

Tania Chaidez

I started a professional career in the US with the support of Alcanza Consultants. More than surpassing a language barrier, they help me to understand the business culture of the country.

Manuel Acosta

Pretty organized, warm environment.

Alexia Cuen

Great language consultants! Las clases se adaptan a cada persona y facilitan de gran manera el aprendizaje de inglés

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