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English Book Club

Started on May 7th, 2019 in cooperation and alliance with Jardín Botánico, which is rated as one of the top 10 botanical gardens in North America.

This is the first and only English Language book club in Sinaloa. This program takes place twice a month and has welcomed several hundred participants in its first year. Volunteers attend the club to share their reading experiences and frequently lead activities. Community engaging activity which is open to the public.

Conversation Club

This Club started in Summer 2018 and it was our first community project, where we started reuniting with some of our clients and friends who wanted to put into practice their knowledge and abilities learned in their class sessions.

Open to the community without requirements or cost, volunteers and team members attend to practice language and engage with the community. Over a year and a half of constant sessions engaging with a number of topics…

We split our sessions into three different levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) in order to suit everyone’s needs.

Volunteer Program

A non-profit program formed by a group of individuals who promote activities in our society. This program has been active in various projects since our organization’s inception in June 2018.

The Alcanza Volunteer Program was formed in June 2018 to assist, empower, change, and transform our community through collaborative efforts. Our focus on language interaction guides the majority of our projects, but we seek to provide the maximum benefit for our community. We encourage every teacher to be part of our volunteer program or participate, if you are interested, please reach out.

How can you participate/volunteer?

We are currently seeking volunteers to assist teaching basic English to a group of 6th graders in our group Zoom sessions on Saturday mornings.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill the form or send a message to outreach@alcanzaconsultants.com.

Previous experience is not necessary nor is an advanced level of English required. We will give you all the support to help you succeed!

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