Team Members - Alcanza Consultants
Team Members
Ryan Storr
He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Hope College and a Master’s Degree in History from West Michigan University. As an English and Spanish teacher for various grades, he has participated in professional practice programs since 2011.

Since 2018 he has lived in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, and founded the business Alcanza Consultants that same year.
Denisse López
Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa. Founder of social projects related with nutrition, inclusion and health awareness. Started teaching English as a Second Language at the age of 18, and most recently started teaching Spanish as a Second Language. Currently living in Mexico City as General Manager of Alcanza Consultants CDMX and working on several acting projects.
Fabiola Heredia
Bachelor in International Business Relations and has a Master in Administration with a specialty in Organizational Development. She’s dedicated to the development and effectiveness of business. With a great ability for negotiation, planning and execution of projects. She has an extensive experience in administration, risk control and department supervision as well as internal audits certifications and ESR badges within a company. Her job position is currently Operations Manager at Alcanza Consultants.
Marco Antonio Parra
He has lived in the city of Culiacán since 2010. He has dedicated himself to teaching in different institutions of this city. He is a founding member of the “Regional Spelling Bee.” He is certified in a foreign language.
Eytan Deckers
Bachelor’s degree in applied linguistics (English/Spanish), and a master’s degree in journalism. Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium. Raised bilingual - French and Dutch - and has a natural ability for picking up languages. Has tutored university students in French. Fascinated by the Mexican culture and pre-hispanic history. Strong believer in the social aspect of learning and create a safe environment to learn and grow. Both academic and athletic interests like language acquisition, surfing and traveling.
Luis Reich
Currently studying his 7th semester in a International Business Relations Bachelor to later specialize on Digital Marketing. He’s passionate about international trade and marketing, seeking for disruptive ways to solve problems with innovation and technology. He has worked teaching English as a Second Language for 4 years. He has an objective and analytical thinking, making him able to work under pressure and being a good team collaborator.
Edgar Alberto Cuevas
Graduated of the Bachelor of Lengua y Literatura Hispanoamericanas in the Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa in January 2020. His love for the English language led him to spend a year improving his English at North Orange County Community College in Anaheim, California. Proudly finishing the Upper Intermediate High level. He is currently living in Mocorito, Sinaloa, working side by side with the Alcanza team as coordinator of its volunteer program and in The Building Bridges project, transmitting his charm for the English language with his little students.
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