Language Services

French, Spanish and English Language Classes

languagelevelWe combine a series of approaches that allow the client to develop their skills taking: incorporating their previous knowledge and the day-to-day scenarios in which they operate. Our classes are goal-driven and practical.

languagelevelWe incorporate effective and engaging dynamics to keep groups motivated and progressing towards their language goals. We make individual evaluations in order to define the level of English of the participants and efficiently form groups.

Language Support for Professionals

languagelevelOur team of experts in Boston, USA prepare a complete language profile to determine the precise English language level of the individuals according to their speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. These reports meet international language standards.

languagelevelWe prepare our clients to meet their professional challenges: interviews, conferences, presentations, meetings, and much more. We have coached our clients to success by recreating these scenarios and providing precise tools.

languagelevelWe advise, prepare and translate the C.V. of our clients for various audiences and for various types of positions. Moreover, we help our clients position themselves in the labor market internationally.

languagelevelWe guide our clients in the application process and provide the necessary materials to successfully apply to a university abroad. We also provide support in understanding the program and necessary requirements, including the statement of purpose.

languagelevelOur team of consultants guide individuals in the necessary materials, exercises and techniques to succeed in any English language exam. We adapt the exercises and a program to the client level in order to reach the desired percentage.

languagelevelWe offer a wide variety of workshops, such as academic writing, designed to help students succeed personally, professionally, and academically.

Translations / Texts

languagelevelOur expert team of translators convert texts between languages to suit the audience and purposes of our clients. This service encompasses a variety of written works, such as academic articles, newspapers, books, business presentations, university essays, etc.

languagelevelOur professional team in Boston, USA assists clients in the creation and publication of texts, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity in terms of vocabulary, structure, theme, organization, coherence and the effect of argumentation.