Welcome to our Alcanza News Blog where we will be sharing the various experiences of our organization with you all!

Alcanza Consultants, while offering language courses and workshops, considers language a tool for clients to achieve their professional goals and to construct communities based on empathy and an appreciation for knowledge. Hence, our classes focus on offering pragmatic solutions to professionals for whom traditional learning scenarios are complicated and not always a possibility. To achieve a complex yet flexible learning environment, we have recruited and trained language teachers to become language consultants: able to solve a variety of language problems ranging from translation to speeches.

Yet, as an organization composed of teachers, we viewed a deeper purpose in our organization– constructing bridges between communities and fostering knowledge using language as a medium. We founded the first English book club in Northern Mexico, a conversation club, an investor/business chats and a nonprofit penpal program. Recruiting local and international volunteers to support our programs, we consider outreach a vital aspect of our organization and the ethos of our existence.

For me personally, Alcanza is the culmination of roughly 10 years of teaching experience across various countries: it has allowed me to create and share a vision of language learning and its uses. Languages redefine interactions between individuals and communities, and allow wide- ranging possibilities both personally and professionally. After having studied Latin, German, French and Spanish, I can attest to their tremendous impact on my life, career and education, and I hope that through Alcanza I can offer those same opportunities to others.

Our Alcanza collaborators and consultants will be publishing their experiences and project updates here, in order to share our vision of language learning and fulfill the mission that we all share. Our blog updates may range from giving English classes to leading book clubs, yet it is our focus on purpose, excellence and teamwork that will constantly define our organization.