After almost three years in business, Alcanza Consultants with an international team and a network of loyal clients, can be seen as a competitive business in the English Teaching field in Mexico. Its vision of building cultural bridges through personalized classes and social programs represents a disruptive alternative that professionals have found convenient, efficient and goal oriented.

In 2018 after 2 months of living in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Ryan Storr (CEO) decided that his business plan was solid enough to take the next step. He started in a convenient and win- win scenario: networking and coffee. The first months he taught friends at a local Starbucks coffee, and after two months of endless coffee, glass windows as boards and a lot of sticky notes, it was time to take the next step.

I was at ‘his” Starbucks after a long day of research for a University project, whenI heard an American accent teaching from the other side of the room. I was curious to know his approach. So, when I saw an opportunity, I walked to the coffee bar and introduced myself. I mentioned that I was an English teacher at the University and made some notes about his teaching techniques. After exchanging information, and what I did not realize was an interview, he scheduled a meeting to go over a business idea he had.

And there it was… a powerpoint presentation with blue graphics, “Alcanza Language Consultants.” I was intrigued by how a personalized model with such specifications would work, back then it was a bold proposal: we wouldn’t have a building, the client would come to us, would people be interested in that? Despite these doubts, I believed in the mission and purpose that he saw, and Ryan started training me by looking at the way he taught, reading articles daily and teaching myself for him to share his feedback. A week later we were settling into a coworking space cubicle with a lot of expectations and a solid, yet flexible plan.

Alcanza has been the result of many hours of training, research, running around between companies to pitch ideas and building individuals into Consultants. By adapting to our clients’ needs, we have managed to grow from two individuals in a cafe to an international Company with over 20 members in less than three years. This portrays how one person’s solid vision can get as far as others decide to share and be a part of it.

Looking forward to knowing what the next three years will bring for the Alcanza Community, happy to be a part of it.