Customer Nubia Millán - Alcanza Consultants

Customer – Nubia Millán

Name Nubia Millán
Time Zone Culiacán
Client Segment General
Company Segment Coppel
Position Project Manager of Marketing Research
Lesson Planning LINK
Remote LINK
Starting Level A1+
Current Level
Focus Marketing
Curriculum General Business
Curriculum Specifics Marketing Position
Status / Impact 3
Company Segment Coppel
Maintenance High
Scheduling Notes
Personality Structured & Entrepreneurial
Type of Learner Dedicated
Anecdotes / Experiences

Curriculum Timeline – Start 2021-12-01
Curriculum Timeline – End 2021-01-26
Curriculum Timeline 2 – Start
Curriculum Timeline 2 – End
Curriculum Timeline 3 – Start
Curriculum Timeline 3 – End
Client Start Date 2020-11-26


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